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We can take anything
that fits in our bag.

baby in a box
Well, almost anything.

We know your packages are important.
We know how important it is not to blow a deadline. So why trust your stuff to just any messenger service?

We got game. We dare you to find a faster service. Not only are we the fastest service in the city, we are also the best value; we believe in honest work, so you will never be charged for a service that we didn't deliver.

The Mess Kollective has over twenty years of experience. There are no rookies here. So why take chances with your packages?

And Now For Our Services
The Scary Fast ($28.00)
20 minutes of scary fast speed.
The Illegal ($20.00)
30 minutes of undiluted speed.
The Lunch Special ($13.00)
90 minutes of chill-like speed.
The Slug ($10.00)
4 hours of slug-like speed.
Other Charges
Oversize 14-24" or the total volume is greater than 1000 cubic inches (LxWxH") add $5.00.
Gargantuan 25-40" in length / or the total volume is in the range of 1001-2000 cubic inches (LxWxH") are $8.00.
Monstrosity 41-60" in length / or the total volume is greater than 2000 cubic inches (LxWxH") are $16.00.
Monstrosity + 1 61-100" in length / or the total volume is greater than 4000 cubic inches (LxWxH") are $32.00.
Absurd over 101" in length / or the total volume is greater than 6000 cubic inches (LxWxH") are $48.00.
Overweight (5-12 lbs.) add another $5.00.
Hernias (13-20 lbs.) are $8.00.
Slipped Disc (21-30 lbs.) are $16.00.
Slipped Disc + 1 (31-40 lbs.) are $32.00.
Planetary (41 lbs. and up) are $48.00 and at our discretion.
Night Rate after 5pm is an additional $4.00.
Waiting Time the first 5 minutes are free
— each additional 5 minutes is $3.00.
Walk-ups are a dollar after the fourth floor.
Wrong Addresses are billed full charge.
Zones are a $1 per zone below 60th St., $2 per zone below Chambers St. & above 60th St., $4 per zone above a 100th St. There is an additional crosstown zone west of 9th Ave/Washington St. & east of 1st Ave/Allen St. Add 5 minutes per zone.

Outer Borough Zone: Add $28 and 15 minutes to the Service.
The Not So Small Print
Time: add five minutes per zone, and per km.
Service Delays: if for some unforeseen and/or uncontrollable event we cannot make the delivery on time, we will only charge for the next fastest service.