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Who is the Mess Kollective?
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fueling up for the next call.

Yes, we are messengers. Which means that we do the typical things that make up our lively messenger culture.

We take pride in all we do, in ourselves and in our work. We are professionals, and as such we are committed to providing our clients the best service possible.

Curious about the seedy lives of the Mess Kollective?

Please visit our blog which you can find here.

We Are The Mess Kollective

The Mess Kollective is a messenger-owned and operated company, founded on the principles of equality, respect for hard honest work, and an all-consuming passion for playing in traffic on our bikes.

After years of exploitation and of risking life and limb, we decided to take matters into our own hands and created the Mess Kollective.

Personalized Service

Unlike the faceless corporate companies, we can and do offer highly personalized and specialized service. Being a small company gives us greater flexibility, making it easier for us to fulfill your needs.

Experience & Speed

Our messengers know the city intimately - it has been our playground for years. We are fast, fit and experienced - that is why we offer the fastest service around.

We are part of the Couriers United Network.

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